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Volunteering for WINA can offer numerous benefits, both personal and professional. Here are some advantages of getting involved as a volunteer at WINA.  

Volunteering  Provides:















An opportunity to interact with students from various cultural backgrounds and religions by fostering cross-cultural understanding and integration.

Being part of WINA allows you to build a strong network of contacts, including fellow international students, local students, faculty, and professionals.

Opportunities to volunteer at the WINA's "Annual Newcomers Welcome BBQ by taking on diverse roles and responsibilities, contributing to developing skills such as leadership, communication, teamwork, event planning, and time management.

Opportunities to work with diverse individuals help improve language proficiency and communication skills, which are valuable in academic and professional settings.

Embarking on leadership roles within the WINA that can provide practical leadership experience, which is beneficial for personal growth and future career opportunities.

Opportunities for résumé building when applying for jobs or further education. Also, volunteering enhances your resume by showcasing your commitment, skills, and involvement in extracurricular activities. 

Opportunities for community engagement by actively contributing to the community and making a positive impact, fostering a sense of belonging and purpose.  

Volunteering invites you to different perspectives, customs, and traditions for increased cultural awareness and integration, broadening your cultural awareness and sensitivity.

Access resources and information that can be helpful to your academic and personal needs.  

Opportunities for transformative experience, for example, by helping volunteers build confidence, resilience, and a sense of accomplishment as you contribute to the success of the WINA.  

Opportunities to engage in volunteer activities and make friends, connect with like-minded individuals, and participate in social events organized by WINA. 

Opportunities for an understanding of the Canadian systems developed on Canadian educational, social, financial, mental, and cultural systems to help users navigate them more effectively.

Opportunities to be part of an international student platform to advocate for the needs and concerns of international students, contributing to positive changes within the educational and medical institution or community.

To be recognized and receive awards for the efforts of WINA volunteers through awards ceremonies, certificates, or other forms of acknowledgment.

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