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You can be part of our advocacy through our sponsorship program!

Sponsorship is a collaborative effort, and a successful partnership benefits the sponsor and WINA. Therefore, by actively participating and supporting the association's initiatives, you contribute to the overall success of the international student community. WINA, in return, boosts our sponsor's visibility and showcases their businesses at our event by driving maximum value for our sponsors.

You Can Sponsor By:



Identifying Sponsorship Opportunities by determining specific areas or events where you would like to offer sponsorship. For example, supporting cultural events, academic programs, mentorship initiatives, or other activities organized by the association.

Expressing your interest by clearly communicating your interest in sponsoring WINA. Also, by providing information about your company or organization and explaining how your sponsorship can benefit the WINA and its members, for example, through financial support, in-kind contributions, or other resources that align with the needs and goals of the WINA.

Benefits and Recognition to Sponsors:



Having Company logo placement on promotional materials, event acknowledgment, and other forms of visibility.

Maintaining Communication with WINA’s leadership to ensure a positive and collaborative partnership.

For more information about our sponsorship packages, please get in touch with us.

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